One of my all time favourite meals, is a good pizza. I’m not talking the greasy, thrown together, fast food pizzas. I mean a real, honest to goodness, fresh ingredients, made with love, wood fired pizza!

Recently, a new pizza joint opened up in Brisbane – meet Alfredo!

Now this is a man that knows pizza.

The pizza bar itself has a stripped down, old school but warm feel to it (one of the girls in our party said it took her back to some of her favourite spots back home in Canada). The staff greeted us warmly as soon as we walked in, and let us mash together a few tables for our large group of 12.

While a few people went straight to the bar, the rest of us sat down to take a good look at the menu. It’s a tad limited on options, however, each pizza they do offer sounds even better then the one listed before it and having only a few selections to choose from, means you can pick quickly (and can fit in a slice of every one if you like)! There’s a pizza for just about everyone here.

Now, what better way to enjoy a good slice of pizza with friends, than by washing it all down with a cold beer off tap, or a nice glass of vino! Alfredo knows this, and offers a free slice of his delicious pizza with your first drink purchased. Pretty great guy, right?

Being gluten free, I’m only able to order a whole pizza (therefore don’t get a free slice, not that it bothered me) – challenge accepted!

I started with the ‘Ray & Dave Davies’ – a vegetarian pizza with eggplant, garlic oil, rosemary, fresh basil leaves and scamorza (cheese). Now, gluten free anything can be hard to get right. But Alfredo’s nailed the base!

Everybody else at the table got their drinks and free slices, then not long after that (and another round or two from the bar) they were ordering whole pizzas to share around.

Christian and I decided we couldn’t leave without a few more slices, so we each ordered another pizza to take away (when in Rome?).

It really was a pity that it was a work night for us and we couldn’t stay longer than we did – it’s a fantastic little venue, with a great selection of beers, wines and delicious cocktails, and the pizza’s are served up until 3am (on Friday & Saturday).

And for those people that want a change in scenery or are keen to take the party elsewhere, their sister bar, Alfred & Constance, is just next door! (We killed some time here enjoying a few drinks while we waited for a table at Alfredo’s, as it was quite busy when we first arrived!)

Can’t wait to go back and do it all again.

Grazie tanto to all the staff at Alfredos!





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