Niue is an outdoor lovers paradise! With no shopping malls or retail strips, no cinemas or adventure parks everything there is to do was crafted by mother nature and is waiting to be explored. We only stayed a week during our recent trip and it absolutely wasn’t long enough (particularly when rain set in for our last two days). There really is so much to see and do, with some parts of the island only discovered by a few people.

In order to get the most out of your adventures, make sure you pack appropriately. I wrote up a little post on everything you’ll need to see you through and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun, so be sure to have a read and treat it like your own checklist!

There were a number of spots we didn’t get to see, so there is much, much more to this tiny island than what I’m going to list below. However, I wanted to share a bit about each of our favourite places that we did manage to cover, knowing that photos don’t do this slice of paradise any justice.

To read more about each spot and see a little more about what we did, click the photos or ‘Read More’ links below!

For a map of the island, click here.

Sir Roberts Wharf

A popular spot for the locals, on a calm day head down to the wharf and practice your flips (or flops)…<Read more>


Limu Pools

This rocky little haven is Shanny’s favourite spot on the island and it wasn’t hard to see why…<Read more>


Hio Beach

After spending the morning getting involved at the primary schools Cultural Sports Day, we jumped in the car and set off to Hio Beach (pronounced He-yo) to spend a few hours doing nothing but playing about in the reef and laying on the sand…<Read more>


Talava Arches

A 20 minute trek through forest (with a couple of rest areas on the way to take a minute if you need it) the Talava Arches are yet another spot worth the sweat…<Read More>


Matapa Chasm

You’ll find the entrance to this chasm off from the main road at the foot of Hikutavake Hill, right beside the start of the trek to Talava Arches…<Read More>


Avaiki Cave

This place was one of the more popular places we saw, with a few other tourists about that morning. Down a short pathway, through a small open cave and across large coral rocks, you’ll stumble upon the reef and ocean off in the distance…<Read More>


Avatele Beach (formally Oneonepata)

Avatele (pronounced Ava-sell-y) is a village on the southwest coast of Niue and it’s here you’ll find one of the larger beaches on the island…<Read More>


Togo Chasm

One of my favourite memories from the island, our little adventure out to Togo was unbelievable…<Read More>


Snake Gully

If you’re keen to explore more of the beautiful waters, as well as learn some pretty interesting facts and history about the island, then Buccaneer Adventures Niue Dive are the people to help you do just that…<Read More>



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