Our time on Tasmania’s gorgeous east cost didn’t exactly go to plan…it seems Mother Nature had her own agenda during our time by the sea! As we drove towards the coast, from Lake St Claire, the weather gradually started to turn and soon we were driving through heavy fog and bursts of torrential rain.

For the last few nights of our stay in Tasmania, we had booked in at Freycinet Lodge. Located inside the Freycinet National Park, on the edge of picturesque Great Oyster Bay, the scenery was unlike anything we had seen in the days before. It was a pity the endless rain set such a grey and dreary tone on the view.

The warm welcome we received at Freycinet Lodge did wonders to lift our spirits after such a testing drive, and after checking in at reception, we made our way over to our cabin – a space to call our own for a few nights! The cabin was so spacious, with an open plan layout, generous private deck and large jetted spa bath with views looking out towards the sea. Settling into our room, we then found a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine, with birthday wishes for my partner’s 30th – it’s the little things like this that help to make a stay memorable, and we were so grateful to the lodge’s staff!

Our first night, we had drinks and dinner at the bar before heading back to our cabin for a soak in that tub! We popped open our bottle of bubbles and shared a toast, in our fluffy white robes.

IMG_0356 IMG_0366

The next day we made the short drive north to Bicheno, as we’d planned a visit to Nature World for my partners birthday. He’s a huge lover of animals, and had been dying to see a Tasmanian Devil. Unfortunately, due to the terrible weather conditions, the park was closed and we had to turn around and head back to the lodge. So as not to waste the entire time indoors, we put on our wet weather gear and checked out the nearby Richardsons Beach and Honeymoon Bay, as the wind whipped the rain about in all directions. The red rocks around the coastline still a vibrant red, and the turquoise waters still beautiful, despite the ongoing downpour. If you’re planning your own visit, and the weather is kinder, Honeymoon Bay is the perfect spot to watch a sunrise.


It was then a short car ride uphill to access the walk up to the Wineglass Bay Lookout. We only made it halfway up, before the view started to disappear behind low-lying clouds, so we never did make it up to the top! We have plans to go back again on our next visit – just type in a Google image search of ‘Wineglass Bay’ and you’ll see why. It’s one of Australia’s most famous and recognisable beaches and the view from the lookout is outstanding. On our walk back down to the car, we were treated to a couple of wildlife sightings, passing right by two adorable and rather wet wallabies alongside the path.

Back at our cabin, we dried off and ordered lunch from the bistro. The lodge doesn’t offer room service, however we were able to take our meals back to our room – we set up on the bed, robes and TV on, as the rain continued to fall outside.


That night, we were back at the bar, this time for a whiskey tasting I had organised for my partner. We tasted a few of Tasmania’s more notable whiskeys alongside a few from Scotland. Our host kept it light-hearted, informative and we shared a few laughs. He then left us to enjoy our tastings and paired food platter (consisting entirely of locally produced items). Feeling a little tipsy, it was time to line our stomachs, and so we made our way over to the dining room where we had booked in for a special birthday dinner. The staff again went out of their way to arrange for a special desert to celebrate!


The day we checked out, it was time for us to head south again back to Hobart to catch our flight home. The rain hadn’t let up, and we were lucky to make it through, as a number of road closures came about after record flooding across the state! Needless to say, my knuckles were white by the time we pulled in at the airport, having made it through the waters in one piece and in time for our flight.

Such a stunning part of the state, Tasmania’s East Coast is somewhere that’s still on my travel list – perhaps in the summer time, when the weather is (more likely) fine!


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