Recently my partner and I spent a wonderful weekend at Alex Perry Hotel & Apartments in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. With the hotel only a short drive from where we live we thought what better chance to experience our home city from a visitors perspective and turn our few days into a stay-cation!

Certainly not a new concept in any way, however a first for us, a stay-cation is the perfect way to unwind and relax without having to budget in a full scale getaway. Perhaps those interstate flights are a little too high, you can’t get enough time off work or you don’t want to stress over what to pack (when you’re not far from home you can grab those things you missed). Taking a stay-cation means that already you know the area well – there’s no getting lost and it gives you the chance to try out some of the more ‘touristy’ things you haven’t gotten around to doing yet – and also means you’ll be supporting local businesses.

We decided that in order to make the most of the weekend, we needed to get out and about and explore the neighbourhood focusing on the incredible food that’s right on our doorstep!


We checked into our gorgeous apartment, shared a few drinks and nibbles on our private balcony and watched a burning pink sunset sink behind the city. We then dressed up and ventured downstairs for dinner at Delfina’s Bistro for an incredible candlelit dinner before kicking up our heels and sharing a few cocktails at Eleven Rooftop Bar just down the street. We dined, danced and drank until the early hours…


Waking a little weary, we pulled ourselves out of our cloud-like bed and took a splash in the rooftop pool. Feeling a little more human, we decided to make the most of the stunning Queensland weather and spent a few hours shopping along James Street and grabbed lunch at Ribs and Burgers (the perfect hangover fix!).

Later that afternoon, we put together some of our spoils from that morning and prepped a platter to share up on the roof making the most of the beautiful space up there. As the sun set and took us into our last night, we decided to bunker down in our apartment and relax. We ordered pizza from Tartufo and browsed through our Foxtel package as the city came to life outside, and we settled into our quiet haven.


With a late checkout and just a few hours left of our stay-cation, we made our way downstairs to Delfina’s again for a hearty breakfast. The weather had turned, with the rain echoing our sentiments about our mini holiday coming to an end. After packing up but before checking out, we grab an umbrella and crossed the street to Nodo Donuts, a small cafe featuring gluten free, freshly baked donuts.


A stay-cation can be as relaxing as any holiday, or as hectic as any other day. It all comes down to how you plan your break and make the most of your time. Be sure to let your work, friends and family know you’re going on vacation, try to book a hotel stay in order to avoid those piles of washing or household chores that usually await you on weekends at home and make a point of trying something new! Seeing your home town or city through the eyes of a visitor can give you a new appreciation for where you live and can inspire the feeling of a real getaway. We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend stay – we took the time to disconnect and made the most of some rare quality time together as a couple. It meant we arrived back home feeling relaxed, happy and refreshed!

If you find yourself a little out of pocket but dying for a few days away, I would definitely recommend giving a stay-cation a try! You might find yourself pleasantly surprised!







img_1188 img_1209



Be sure to check out my full review of our stay at Alex Perry Hotel and Apartments here.


    • Thank you so much Chels! Your comment totally brightened my day! 🙂 I appreciate you stopping by and making the point of leaving a few words – it means a lot.

      Being a translator would be such interesting work! I admire people who can speak different languages – it’s not an easy thing to do. You also have some wonderful content on your blog.

      Wishing you happy travels
      Brooke X

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