Just Swirl :: Pinot Palooza Brisbane 2016

250 wines, 100 wineries, 6 cities, 2 countries…

Pinot Palooza is a touring event that brings to town the finest Pinot Noir produced in the southern hemisphere. This year, they celebrated their fifth birthday but it was the first time I’d heard of the event (HOW? HOW did my wine radar miss this one in the past??)! Loving nothing more than a bold and beautiful glass of red this affairĀ was right up my alley and I couldn’t pass it up!

crowd surf the mosh pit of the most enticing, enthralling, sexy, silky, suave and sophisticated grape variety on the planet; Pinot Noir -‘

This event makes true on it’s meaning, with Pinot enthusiasts gathering together and partying like there’s no tomorrow!

The day was a bit of a blur, between the crowd, the brilliant soundtrack, seemingly endlessĀ tastings and attempts to perfect our ‘swirl’. There were old and familiar friendsĀ gathered using the day as the perfect chance to catch up, wine connoisseurs discussing complexities and character andĀ strangersĀ toasting to love and friendship (and wine, of course).Ā We managed to break it all up with delicious farmhouse cheeses courtesy of Yarra Valley Dairy and free caricature drawings thanks to Plumm (making sure we watered down between the many, many stalls).

At $60 a ticket, I found it to be pretty exceptional value! Not only did this get you entry into the party with countlessĀ tastings over five hours, but it also included a gorgeousĀ Plumm Vintage wine glass valued at $35, yours to keep. It’s bold and unique shape is incredibly eye-catching and it’s size would command attention at the finest of dinner parties. I couldn’t resist a matching set, so purchased a second glass on our way out at a MASSIVE discount!

Some might look at this event and decide the ‘P’ in Pinot could only stand for pretentious. But having attended for myself,Ā I can vouch for the complete opposite. Every producer at every stall was warm, insightful and oozed with pride over their beautiful blends and the excitement and buzz of the day rang about the room right until close.


To keep your finger on the pulse for next years palooza, head to the website –Ā http://pinotpalooza.com.au/

Until then, I’ll keep practicing my swirl….

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