Sometimes the very best adventures aren’t found towns, states or countries away but are instead had right on your own doorstep. This is especially true when you’re lucky enough to live in a place as beautiful as Brisbane! And it’s for that very reason, this adventure is a local one.

Deciding to forgo an early rise and hours on the road to find our thrills, Scott, Tyla and I decided a quiet wine or two was in order. Picnic supplies in tow, Scott found the perfect spot to enjoy our spread. Meeting at Wilson’s Outlook, we arrived to find we had the park almost to ourselves. It didn’t take long before we noticed a piece of fence missing from the cliffs edge (this has since been repaired). The ground dipped down to a ledge that was just too perfect to pass up! With a space to ourselves that offered uninterrupted views out over the city, we laid out our spread, opened a bottle of Ta_Ku‘s Sauvignon Blanc Pink and watched out as the summer sun slowly sunk beyond the skyline.

In true Aussie style we had to be sure to eat the food before the ants and flies had their fill… Once we’d had ours, the sun had vanished and a dark, moody sky moved in over us as the city lit up and came to life.

Packing up, we ventured around down to South Bank Parklands. A quiet evening mid-week, we strolled along the river, indulged in decadent ice cream and smoothies at Cowch, went for a spin under the Brisbane Wheel with Green Cabs and capped it off with some night swimming in the Boat Pool.

Queensland’s famous sunshine makes for the perfect excuse to get outdoors, and Brisbane has so much to offer those who are chasing the sun.


Authors note: speaking to the council worker assigned to repair the broken fence, we discovered it’s been damaged/vandalised a number of times in recent months. Our time spent here shows that you can enjoy a space without the need for causing damage to the grounds or property. These beautiful public spaces are here for all of us to enjoy, so please remember to do so respectfully.

img_3018 picnic_1 img_3032 img_3041 picnic_2 picnic_3 img_3034 img_3046 picnic_4img_3070 img_3098

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