My recent visit to the picturesque lakeside town of Wanaka and nearby Queenstown was one that went by too quickly. After our fair share of set backs flying out (a story for another time) it was a wonderful feeling to land on NZ soil and have my Mum’s smiling face greet us at the gate. While there, we filled our time exploring outdoors, dining on good, wholesome food and enjoying some quality time with family. In amongst it all, and once the weather had cleared up, we also attended my cousins wedding. Glendhu Station made for such a perfect setting, the views simply magical and the sun shining down on the happy occasion!

With no set agenda and the weather weighing in on any plans we did have, I thought I would post a photo diary of some of our time there. I didn’t ‘tick off’ even a third of my must see/do’s. Being a passionate travel blogger, the pressure to see it all and curate as much content as possible can be hard to overcome. But a few days into the trip I decided to not let that bother me, and instead embrace whatever plans we did create and make the most of the down time with loved ones. Soaking in the morning sun that flooded our little bedroom, freshly picked roses from my parents garden, home cooked meals, nights around my Aunt and Uncles outdoor fireplace under a sky littered with infinite stars.

So here’s to cool mornings, warm layers, mountain views, sleeping in, slow food and long conversations…

I hope this encourages you to slow down, really sink in and enjoy a new city or town.


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