It’s been about a year since I’ve sat down and written out a new post.
Almost 6 months since logging into this blog at all.
I struggled to find the words I wanted for my last post (one I haven’t shared but will be soon!).
I didn’t feel inspired. I felt disheartened by the lack of engagement on things
I had shared and so I decided to take a break.

Life also got busy – I started a new job, my partner Christian and I got engaged
and started planning our wedding (post on this to come)
and I maintained a social calendar that would rival a Kardashian (pre-babies).

Then this past week my WordPress account was up for renewal and I was left with a decision –
call it quits and let it expire or get back into it and drum up some inspiration.

I’ve put my energy into my man, my family and my friends.
My job and a few freelance photography opportunities.

But I think I’m going to get back to my beloved blog.
I’m going to write for me.
For those wonderful people who take time out to read my musings.
And continue to use this as a way to share my passions!

Like Jon Bon Jovi once said –

“Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate”

So before I share some long overdue tales, below are some highlights of the year that’s passed (witty captions included)…


A night at the movies with my sister, two strippers, 30 pizzas and a photo booth!
Pizza is always a highlight!
Experiencing four seasons in one day at the Kooroomba Vineyards & Lavendar Farm
Champagne (and a little bit too much) on Seadecks first season in lil ol Brisbane
Same, same, but different. Tattoos with my best friend of 24 years
The year of love – with a number of truly wonderful weddings in 2017
And with weddings come the hens! Memorable moments with good friends
Kicked off the hunt for the perfect wedding venue!
Living my childhood dream and putting myself in a sugar coma with the biggest cloud of fairy floss!
City escapes to the Bay
Sometimes work does involve a little play!
The most drool worthy gf hotcakes I ever did eat!
Nothing like a morning mountain climb to give you a little perspective (and some bug bites)
Heart stolen by these beautiful creatures…
Platter platter platter!
It was a resolution of sorts to visit the beach more often this summer
My guy officially an Australian citizen – oi, oi, oi!
The year of the 30th’s!
A busted lip from my other new years resolution (a new gym membership) and my smug grin after conquering a cooking class!
The pièce de résistance!
Taking in as many summer sunsets as I could
My well meaning, caring partner cooking me a healthy meal to fix a mean hang over, that resulted in 3 days of food poisoning (I might stick to the fries babe!)
An ‘intimate’ night with Ed Sheeran (and the rest of Brisbane)


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