This post is long, long, long overdue. I’ve taken quite a bit of time away from writing on here but this is a story that, although personal, I truly love telling. Just over a year ago today, my partner of 8 years asked me to be his wife. It was such a special moment in both our lives and I feel like the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I’ve always known I’ve wanted to get married one day, but being in a loving, long-term relationship was never in a rush to get there. I was just enjoying being with Christian, figuring out life as we went and taking it all in our stride. We are now 2 weeks out from our wedding day and I’m completely baffled at how fast these last 12 months have flown! It’s lead me to reminisce a little as I take in these first moments as husband and wife.

Our proposal may not have been full of grandeur, exotic locations or loud declarations of love – but it was certainly full of love and reflected us as a couple. It showed quiet consideration also providing moments to laugh over. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

In 2015 at a friends engagement party (after one or two drinks for courage) Christian asked my Dad for his blessing. He needn’t have been so nervous but I’ve always thought it was sweet that he was – it meant a lot to him and despite being quite against tradition on the most part, asking my Dad was something he knew he wanted to do.

After a few other friends weddings came about, seeing me go from catching the bouquet to friends actively handing it to me, 2 years passed.

During our last weeks of winter, over August in 2017, Christian seemed stressed, not himself and I was a little concerned. I mentioned to my sister Loren over the phone one night that he had been acting weird and joked ‘You know how people say when your partner starts to seem out of sorts he’s either going to break up with you or propose’. She replied ‘I’m sure everything is fine’ (little did I know she knew more at the time than she let on).

One day, after 2-3 weeks of barely seeing each other due to conflicting work schedules, Christian asked if I had plans on a particular Saturday. I said I didn’t. He suggested it might be nice to do something together, before he worked that night.

The week leading up to our date, a bunch of flowers were delivered to me at work. The note read ‘I hope you have a great day at work. Love you lots and lots’. Christian has sent me flowers often over the years – to tell me he loved me, to apologise, wish me a happy birthday or happy valentines. So this seemed like another sweet gesture of his.

Then two days later, a rather large bouquet arrived for me at work. The note mentioned how much he was looking forward to the weekend together. Christian told me when I got home that the first bouquet was much smaller than he’d thought so he wanted to get me another haha (he needn’t have worried but this second bunch was stunning!).

All I knew about our date was that I had to be ready by 8:30am and to dress casually. Vague instructions given by a guy that desperately wanted to keep as much as possible to himself. We got in the car and Christian being pretty hopeless with directions (and knowing he couldn’t ask me without telling me where we were going) put directions into his phone. As it happened, his phone had synced with our car so Google read the directions out loud #techfail. I pretty quickly figured out the destination, but I didn’t say a word – “Give him this moment” I thought to myself, while at the same time getting ready to hi-5 myself if I was right. He swore and laughed. He said he’d thought of blind folding me but thought it would be a bit much, adding to the fact that me getting car sick on the way to our date wasn’t so hot, so he decided against it.

A short while later we pulled up at City Cave in the Valley. He had booked us in for a couples sauna and float! In the sauna I put on some music (without Christian’s usual objections), we wrapped up in our towels and relaxed for a while while we sweat. Next, we were taken into the float room. It was dark and quiet and every now and then our hands touched as we bobbed in the water.

At the end of our session, some music signaled our float was over and it was time to shower off. There was an open shower in the corner of the room and we took turns washing all of the salts off under the water. He was squeaky clean before I was, so I asked him to pass a towel. He grabbed one from the bench and threw it over my head (something he does at home all the time). When I pulled it off my face, he was wrapped in his towel, down on one knee and he asked:

‘So….in keeping with tradition, will you marry me?’

Such a simple but meaningful question! The room was still so dark and I had tears in my eyes, I hadn’t even seen the ring in his hands when I said yes! Standing there naked, dripping wet hair and a towel around my face, crying with happiness!

I walked out of that room still feeling like I was floating – this time up high on cloud 9.

He told me later he had messed the proposal up. Christian is a man of few words so I knew it would always be short and sweet so I asked him what he meant. He said ‘Remember when I asked you out those years ago, all I said was ‘So…..’? (the definition of playing it cool) I was meant to say just that. That was the tradition’. I laughed and told him a girl is likely only asked to be someone’s wife once in their life and I was glad he’d asked me the question!

Next I called my sister and we cried and laughed about it all, before Christian dropped me at the gorgeous Aglo Beauty for a mani & pedi (even bringing me down some champagne!). He cooked us risotto for lunch and we took a few moments just us dining on our balcony. That evening, we dressed to the nines and he surprised me yet again with a seven course degustation dinner at Otto in town (some of the best food we’ve had in our lives). We took our time (4 hours to be exact!), kept our phones hidden away and soaked up every last minute of what was a truly incredible day.

Please enjoy a few sappy snaps from this moment below.

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