Snake Gully

If you’re keen to explore more of the beautiful waters, as well as learn some pretty interesting facts and history about the island, then Buccaneer Adventures Niue Dive are the people to help you do just that! Shanny’s partner Dan is a lead scuba instructor there and runs diving adventures, lessons and snorkel tours (which is what we went on) with the shop also offering activities for the kids, snorkel equipment and paddle boards for hire as well as running very special dives with the whales (in season).

We booked in for our tour a few days in advance (they have a limit as to how many people they can take on the boat) and showed up excited about what we might find in the deep blue! Donning our super sexy wetsuits, and getting fitted with flippers and snorkels, it was into the back of the truck island style to make the trip around to the beach. After some thorough safety instructions from Dan, and some assistance getting the boat in the water, we all clambered in and set off. Before getting wet, we were taken up along the coastline where we heard interesting facts about the island, some tales from history and a bit about the people of Niue today. Dan tried his best to encourage the dolphins to come out to play (they like to race up under the front of the boats as opposed to swimming with people) but alas, no luck! With windblown hair and salt on our faces it was now time to jump in the water and explore the coral reef below. We moored at a place known as ‘Snake Gully’ famous for the numbers of sea snakes that call it home.

Shanny and Dan LOVE the water and get out there any chance they get in their spare time and their wealth of experience combined with their incredible attitudes really do make your time there special (Dan especially is an incredible teacher and it’s very clear how passionate he is about what he does). One lady on our tour came along with her husband but she herself didn’t know how to swim, so she was a little nervous about being out on the boat. Dan gave her a life jacket and made her feel confident enough to take some snorkel gear just in case, and while the rest of us swam about, Shanny managed to help the lady into the water, holding her hands and chatting away as they tread in their flippers.